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Hi guys,


It feels strange writing a post (considering I haven’t done it for quite a while)!


I miss Lyons Hall..

I miss the pupils there…

Especially the little early years! 😉


I hope you’re all having a lovely time at Lyons Hall (EY to YR6).

I hope you guys are enjoying your time at your new school! (NEW YR 7’s)


I really miss the people who have gone to a different school, like:

Ellie, Lauren, Lucinda, Danielle, Eloise, Annabelle, Livvy, Carmen, Codie, James M, James R, Pelumi,

Not sure


Hi guys
Not sure if people still go on this but wow we are all in secondary school and no longer at lyons hall,hope everyone is getting on at their new schools.

Lost in the shopping mall




Lost in the shopping mall.

Chapter 1

“Come on Sara! Dad’s taking us to the shopping mall and I’ve seen some gorgeous shoes which I just have to buy!” shouted my older sister Katie up the stairs.

“Okay, okay keep your hair on, don’t get your knickers in a twist!” I shouted back, fumbling with my shoe laces. “Right, I’m ready!” I grabbed my bag, checked in the mirror and stumbled down the stairs, almost landing on top of Katie.

“About time too,” she sighed, rolling her eyes.

Chapter 2

A few minutes later we were inside the shopping mall. Dad had given us each £20.00 to spend on whatever we wanted to! Then he’d drove off, after making us promise not to go wondering off by ourselves.

“Yes Dad!” we’d both chorused.

“Good! I’ll come and pick you up at hmm, let me see, it’s 12pm now so I’ll pick you up at 4pm. That’ll give you 4 hours! See you later!” and with that he’d drove off to his meeting.

After he’d gone, Katie begun listing where we would go.

“Right, first we’re going to Clarks for my shoes, and after that we’re going to HMV to get my 1D CD, next we’ll have lunch, before going to…” Katie had begun.

“Hold on Katie! Erm, what exactly happened to where I wanted to go?”

But Katie had already walked into the shopping mall and was heading for Clarks.

Chapter 3

Kicking at my shoes, my shoulders slumped even more as Katie started looking at yet another pair of heels.

“Oh lord,” I mumbled to myself, “We’ve been here for an hour now.” I finally decided to do something. I wasn’t going to sit there staring at shoes even if she was! I marched straight over to her, determined to get my way just for once!

Katie! You’ve already brought two pairs of shoes and your still looking! What happened to what I wanted to do? All we do is what you want to do! Some people get bored, you know!”

“Well I have things to do, you know! You only want to look at clearance stuff, and that is sooo out of fashion!” she retorted back.

” Katie! How could you? You have a problem with my fashion sense? Well I have a problem with you!”

By now people were staring at us, but I didn’t care. All I knew was I had my rights and I was determined to show them!

“Well then Sara- the oh so out of date dictator- you, you should go on, on your own!”


And with that I stormed out of the store, out of the mall and into the car park. I could hear her coming after me, shouting to come back, but I couldn’t, I just had to get away!

Chapter 4

Blinking back tears, I stared at my fish and chips, which continually kept blurring in my vision. I tried to look on the bright side; I could go anywhere I liked without her laughing at me, I could still go home, just going to the car park at 4, and best of all, no more arguments. However, no matter how many I thought of, they all fell to pieces, like a snow flake collapsing on the snow. Reluctantly, I picked up my knife and fork, when…

“SARA! Oh Sara!”

I looked up and saw Katie running towards me, before hugging me. I hugged her back, relieved to see her.

“Sara! I’m so sorry! Please forgive me! I should’ve always listened to you, let you choose where to go, be a good older sister. But now I’ll be the best one ever. Please forgive me!”

“Katie, we all make mistakes, but this one was your worst one,” I burst out laughing when I saw her shoulders sag.

“Don’t worry! I forgive you! I was just so angry, that I had to do something. But now, we’ve got two more hours, so the first place I’ll go to is Next Clearance, and after that…”

“Ok! I’ll just get a taste of my own medicine, huh?” Katie joked, before linking her arm through mine.

Chapter 5

“So girlies, what clothes did you get? Anything for me? Hint hint!” asked Dad, peering at us in the rear mirror.

“We brought lots of clothes, clearance and designer, as well as shoes, and no Dad, sorry, but nothing for you!” I replied, and we both burst out laughing.

“Unless you’d like to try my new pink sparkly top!” Katie exclaimed, holding it up, “It would look a treat with my new pink high heels!” and we burst out laughing again! As soon as we all had stopped giggling Dad asked us:

“So did you two stay together then? I’m sure you did…”

“Well, to say in the least, we did part a little, but afterwards we brought a gift that costs nothing at all, the gift of true sister hood,” I replied, waiting anxiously for an answer.

But we didn’t get one, since Dad had tears rolling down his cheeks!

“That is just so nice!”

Carmen 🙂



WOW, I can’t believe it, I am never going back to Lyons Hall Primary School. I think everyone one was crying either in the leavers assembly or after. It is really upsetting that I will never see half of the people again. I don’t think I will ever through away my side t-shirt or my year book. I still can’t believe it, everyone has gone through so much from Mrs Potter leaving in year 2 to Bradley leaving in year 5. This year we have gone so much, from going to Duxford Imperial Air Museum, doing Sats, and lots of other things. I will really miss that school, and I hope that on some of the half days I can go and see all the teaches.

So I would just like to say…………….GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


100 Word Challenge!







Each week a new 100 word challenge prompt is posted on the website100wc.net It could be anything! Some words you must include, a photo or a video. When you have written one, post it on the blog and I’m sure you can link it to the actual website.


The prompt this week is some words. These words are:



….my heart was beating incredibly fast…



You have 106 words only to produce a creative piece of writing. Really think about the words you choose for your readers. Don’t forget you can include what you hear and smell as well as see.


Good luck!





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