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The week ahead!


Week beginning 4th February

Literacy: We will be writing our own original portal stories using all the skills we’ve learnt over the previous 2 weeks.

Maths: We are working on using inverse operations, balancing equations, following sequences and using BODMAS!

All homework should be completed by Friday 8th February.
Maths: ensure that all the mymaths activities set for you have been completed. Click on My Results and make sure all your results are green. Click on the lesson in the top right hand corner if you’re not sure how to answer the questions on a particular homework.

Each week we’ll publish a roll of honour for Sumdog – can you get in the top 3 for the week? Can you upgrade to the next level?
Your Sumdog homework is to answer at least 100 questions!

Literacy: 100 word challenge or match report? You have a choice! Either complete the 100 word challenge which you will find updated on our blog on Sunday OR complete a match report for a football, rugby or other sport. Check out the BBC sport website for a good example and use it as your model or look at the International School of Monaco under our Blogs We Like section!


Each week I will update this page to let you know what we will be doing in Numeracy and Literacy in the week ahead. I will also leave details of what homework has been set and when it is due in. You can use mymaths or other resources to practise what we’ll be tackling the following week if you want and don’t forget to use the games on our blog!

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